Migrated to Jekyll

Around the beginning of April last year I started to have problems generating my site from it's source code. At the time it was using Pelican and was somewhat enjoying what it provided. However then it stopped working.

For some time I was having problems working on the site on different computers. I was using virtualenv to create little bubbles to work on the website from within but it was proving to be more effort than it was worth. But when site broke on the computer it original worked on, I become determined to find a new static site generator.

Why Jekyll

And now after what has been far to long a time I have decided to move my old posts to Jekyll. Jekyll seems to be by far the most used static site generator likely thanks to it adoption by Github.

I really like Jekyll's approach to static site generation. When using the Jekyll tool to create a new site I found that it did not take many assumptions as to how I would like the site to be laid out. I also enjoyed having all most of the files in the root of the project.

New Face

So now that I have to redo all of my markup I figured it was time for a new face for the site. I keep the same colour scheme(borrowed from:here) and added some icons in the footer.