Ray Tracer

Following along with the book The Ray Tracer Challenge by Jamis Buck. This book is a follow along test-driven guide to creating a ray tracing 3D renderer, and I am follow along in Rust.

This website

This my personal website is a place I use to try out new things. This project has been running in some form or another for a little over 10 years now.


This "project" is my configuration files for setting up a computer. It contains aliases and options for setting up the software I use day to day. This repository has history going back to early 2012.

Recurring tasks

A tool to periodically send myself emails of recurring tasks. A calendar app would also do this, but having recurring tasks in version control is something I wanted and writing this was quite fun.

RGB Traveling Salesperson Art

This is a creative project that I am very proud of and isn't software. Traveling Salesperson is problem when "given a list of cities what is the shortest distance between them". The lines generated this way have a nice quality where the they very rarely intersect. This means that you can create a stippled version of an image and create a image that looks like a single line version of the original image. I used this approach on a colour component version of an image and produced image that I eventually plotted using a XY pen plotter.

Rainbow single exposure photo

This image is a by-product of a "leadership training via photography" session that I did. It was captured with a single exposure and a programmable light ring.


A clone of the board game "Codenames". This project was in order to get practice with FaunaDB and was written at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic (when online Codenames was all the rage).

In October of 2022 I decided that I had learned what I wanted to learn and archived the public repo.