What's the deal with the name hockeybuggy?

Whenever I tell someone what my email is, I get asked about the name hockeybuggy.

Back in the day

At the beginning of time[^1], gmail did not exist. On April 1st of 2004 Google announced the Gmail beta. At first the beta was invite only. Once you were invited to get a Gmail account, you received 10 invites you could send others.

On January 31st 2005, I received an invite from my older sister. I discovered the day that I created my account using the helpful advice of this page.

Being young I foolishly did not get douglasanderson@gmail.com. Instead, I got hockeybuggy@gmail.com, a combination of my favourite sport at the time: hockey and a modification of a nickname: buggy[^2]

Why Keep It?

I have the name just about everywhere on the web. Since I have the .com as well as the same username on Github, Google, and Twitter and just about everywhere else, I don't think I will be changing it any time soon.

[^1]: >= 2003 [^2]: My family sometimes calls me 'bug'.