Bashing long Python commands down to size

In November I started working at an awesome Toronto Company called Vantage Analytics where I have the pleasure of writing Python everyday. While working there, I ended up getting sick of typing python over and over again, so I created some bash and zsh aliases for Python.

Python aliases

These are for any Python project:

alias -r ipy="ipython"
alias -r pipir="pip install -r requirements.txt"
alias -r rmpyc="find . -name \*.pyc -delete && echo 'pyc files removed.'"

I really like rmpyc since I can never remember the arguments for find.

Django aliases

And these are for Django projects (or for running any script named I guess)

alias -r pm="python"
alias -r pmsh="python shell"
alias -r pmt="python test"
alias -r pmrs="python runserver"
alias -r pmm="python migrate"
alias -r pmmm="python makemigrations"

Send me a message if you have any other fun or useful aliases.