This "project" is my configuration files for setting up a computer. It contains aliases and options for setting up the software I use day to day. This repository has history going back to early 2012.


My primary editor is Vim. I use Neovim as the distribution, and use coc.nvim for completions and language server integrations. My Vim configuration can be found here


My git configuration has quite a few aliases. I also use diff-so-fancy to get some nicer looking diffs. I tend to sign all of my commits with GPG.


I use zsh (I am Canadian so it's "zed shell") as my shell and I used for my prompt (this is a prompt written in rust that is very fast, configurable and fully featured.

All of the aliases I use are split into a file that is separate from zsh config so that I can also make them available if I wanted to use bash

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